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Soulfully Healthy Living Programs

Learn more about Soulfully Healthy Living's Signature Program and apply. Find out more and join our upcoming workshops or events where you can find Practitioner Michelle.

The Soulfully Healthy Living Personal Program

Are you living a high stress life?  Probably, most of us are.

Noticing tension headaches, sugar cravings, sleepless nights, tummy troubles, mood swings, inflammation, irregular and painful periods?  Any and all of things could be triggered by stress.  The unfortunate things is this list not even close to exhaustive.

If any of this resonates with your daily life, then this program is for you.   Come join us for 8 weeks of transformation. In this program, you will learn how to incorporate plant based meals (Plant Based 75) in your lifestyle, meditation practices for de-stressing, breath work for blocking microaggressions, Kemetic Yoga for activating your parasympathetic system, and how to create your own personalized herbal support plan.

You can join at any time but must fill out an application. Why?  This is work.  It's for you but it is still work and you must actively participate in your own healing.

Image by Mohau Mannathoko

Events and Workshops

Spring Forward Workshop

Moved to online due to Covid -19.  Immunity boosting added to curriculum.

Join us for a 3-week in person workshop to detox, renew and reset.  Whether you are wanting to detox the winter doldrums, remnants of cuffing season, the last of the holiday sweets or just reboot your new year goals that have already fallen by the wayside, this workshop is for you.

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