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Get Healthy through Holistic Complementary Health Services and Gardening. 

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Meet Practitioner Michelle

Holistic Lifestyle and Garden Coach

What is Holistic Lifestyle Coach?  Someone to help you transition to a healthier lifestyle physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.  Of course that doesn't mean your life will look exactly like the coach.  However, a great coach can meet you where you are and create the best life for you.

Practitioner Michelle is gifted in building customized lifestyle tools as well as offering standardized group programs with  community support.  Whether working with Michelle privately or in a group you will understand the best plan for your life.


Specializes In

Sacred Woman Practitioner, Divine Feminine, Womb, Breast and Heart Care Practitioner

Transition to a Plant Based Lifestyle

Kemetic Yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation

Reiki, Innerchild Work, Energy Healing and Shadow Work

Herbalist and Farmer

You can't pour from an empty cup. Begin the journey of filling your cup.  Your healing starts now.

"Practitioner Michelle helped to reboot my health and my life. Aside from your health, she teaches you to have beautiful sense of inner peace."

- Yolanda P.

“I got the tools I needed to change my health and move forward with my career.  I was able to get to my passion  in a new healthy way." 

- Andrea S.

“I thought I was working with Michelle for my health.   It is so much more.  Through her encouragement I ended up changing my environment. Now I'm thriving.

- Jai H.

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