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The Yoni Spot

The Yoni Spot is here to bring Womb Wellness and Awakening the Divine Feminine through Yoni Steaming and related herbal products. Run by Practitioner Michelle from Soulfully Healthy Living, The Yoni Spot hopes to bring you a sacred space for healing our most sacred gift.  Come celebrate and sit in your sacred seat at The Yoni Spot.  Located inside CBD American Shaman in Tyler, TX.

What is the Yoni? The word itself has such a vast context and symbology. It have been used as abode, source, sheath, place of birth, origin, nest and most importantly for us the womb.  We have so many words for her and her anatomy.  She is sometimes even symbolized as a flower.  Sacred Women (trained through Queen Afua) often refer to it as our sacred seat.  We, at The Yoni Spot, use the word Yoni to convey the sacredness of her existence.

What is Yoni Steaming? It's an ancient practice known to be deeply nourishing and supportive for women looking to connect with the wisdom of womb and those seeking overall vaginal health. The herb infused steam brings warmth to the area which increases circulation in the vagina and womb.

What are the benefits of self-care through Yoni Steaming?  There are many but for those looking for general well-being, it increases circulation which bring fresh blood to the womb.  Other benefits include balancing PH, increased mucous, more manageable periods and tissue repair for postpartum. From a perspective of well-being, a Yoni Steam creates a state of blissful relaxation as well as connecting a woman with her source of power.

What should I expect when Yoni Steaming?  Your first session begins with a 30 minute consultation to get personalized blend of herbs as well as a wellness plan.  All sessions have a 10-15 prep time. Once you are ready for your session, you will be given a steaming gown to place over clothing.  This gown assists with holding in the steam.  While you are steaming, it is perfect time to journal, meditate or just send your yoni loving affirmations. The steaming session can last between 15 to 30 minutes depending upon your wellness needs.   Yoni steaming can be physical and emotional experience.  At The Yoni Spot, we are trained to hold space for any cathartic experience you may have.

Who shouldn't and when shouldn't you get a Yoni Steam?  Women who are pregnant or think they might be should not; when you are on your period; or have an active vaginal outbreak or open wounds. Use caution if you have an IUD or other forms of implanted birth control. Caution should also be used for girls under 16.

What are your safety precautions?  Every session includes disposable yoni steam seat covers. Each chair is cleaned with medical grade cleaner after each use.  Gowns are also washed after each session. Clients are welcome to bring their own personalized gown as well.

The Yoni Consult

A 30 min consultation that gets to know you and your yoni's needs.  You will have your personalized blend and your yoni wellness plan.  A consultation is required prior receiving your first yoni service. This consultation can be booked online prior to scheduling your steam session. You may also purchase your personalized blend for at home use.

The Sekhmet Steam (Deep)

This is more advanced steam up to 30 minutes for ladies that are needing a deeper cleansing and release.  This steam is best for women suffering from PMS, painful periods, clots, long cycles or needing to clear out stagnation.

Lotus Blossoms Steams

This steam only includes Himalayan Sea Salt.  This is great for young Blossoms age 11-16 yrs old that have reached menarche.  It is helpful for relaxing as hormones ebb and flow as well as teaching the art of honoring their sacred seat.

The  Ma'at Steam (Mild)

A mild steam for 15 minutes.  This steam uses milder herbs also.  This steam is best for women that have short menstrual cycles less than 26 days, are prone to infections or hot flashes.

The Auset Steam (Fertility/PP)

This is steam for mothers or mothers to be.  Great for women that are preparing their wombs for bringing forth life.  Also,  great for women that have recently given birth and are healing through postpartum.

Note: For women that are trying to get pregnant, we will work with you to ensure that you are steaming prior to ovulation.

The Sacred Seat Membership

Our monthly memberships are designed for women that desire ongoing healing and self-care.  Our Monthly memberships include: 3 Yoni steams; 4 oz. Tea blend, your choice of: detoxing green juice, mimosa or champagne; and 15% discount on Holistic services through Soulfully Healthy Living.

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